How to get Creative Images

So I opened up comments in a recent video telling everyone to jump in the comments and give me any suggestions for videos you’d like me to make or questions you want me to answer. Thanks to those of you that did, there was some really cool suggestions and ideas in there.

In this video I wanted to focus on this comment from Alex…for me to give some ideas for creative sports photography beyond the standard frozen action shots. Alex’s comment really stood out for me because the photography I’m really known for is creative imagery so I thought today I’d give you my top tips for getting more creative sports photographs. Its not particularly difficult, I’m not selling the secret here! It just takes a little bit of thinking and a slightly different approach to how you shoot.

In this video, we’ll cover

1) Zoom in/Zoom Out
2) Change your perspective
3) Rule of 3rds
4) Play with Shutter Speeds
5) Look for things (light/emotions/non action elements)

So there you have it. 5 super quick tips to get you thinking and shooting differently. There’s always a time and place for frozen action shots of athletes but sometimes its nice to play around with your images and get something a little bit different.

Till next time

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  1. mike mcsharry

    Thank you Ben, some fantastic ideas in there!
    Well paced and some brilliant examples in there

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