Keep Showing Up

Last night, I was giving a talk via Zoom to a camera community and was asked an interesting question.

What one thing did I attribute the most to my growth and development to as a photographer?

While most people would probably answer that by talking about a piece of kit or learning a new technique, for me the answer was a simple one and one that a lot of people find hard to execute on.

Keep showing up.

Getting better at ANYTHING, particulary photography, is about showing up, every day, every week, time and time again. No sports photographer has ever gotten good by simply getting the right gear or having the right conditions. Its about time, its about the process. You have to shoot a lot. For a long time.

By having your camera in your hands every day you not only learn how it feels but you start to instinctively know where all the buttons are without looking, meaning you can changing settings and focus points faster without thinking. By having your camera to your eye every day you learn what different focal lengths look like and can start to picture how an image will look with a certain lense on your camera before you every pick the body up.

That ability comes from repeatedly showing up to your photography, your creativity and your goals every day and every week. Then; gradually over time you get a little better and then a little better again and soon the ball is rolling.

Success in life is about showing up. The successful people you look up to, regardless of their field, show up every day to their craft. They do it quietly and methodically and do so with patience. That’s how you get better.

Keep showing up.

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