Pros Get the Job Done

One of things that often comes up when I talk with other Professional Photographers is the notion of what actually distinguishes us from up and coming amateurs and hobbyist.

Often times people think its about the gear or the clients or even the money. Yes while the ability to make money with a camera is the main differentiator between a pro and an amateur, it’s not as simple as that in reality. I was making money with photography years before I ever went full time ‘Pro’.

No; when talking with other photographers what comes up time and time again isn’t the money but instead the concept of getting the job done.

What separates a pro from an none pro (is that even the term?) is the ability to get the job done, every time, without fail, within budget, and with whatever problems come up. Things on a shoot or an event don’t always go your way but being a pro means you find a way to work the problem and still deliver high quality images. An awful lot of what we do as photographers is about problem solving.

You don’t have the access you want. Work the problem.
You can’t get the angle you want. Work the problem.
The model/athlete isn’t in the mood to do the shots you want. Work the problem.
Your gear fails. Work the problem.
The weathers turned for the worse. Work the problem.

Professional photography is a hard game but a huge part of being a pro is about getting the job done regardless.

Anyone can take a great photograph. Pros do it consistently, regardless of whats happening.

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