Review: Think Tank Airport International V3

In today’s post I want review the Airport International V3 from Think Thank.

So I’ve talked about this case a lot before, but it occurred to me recently that I actually haven’t reviewed it in any depth so today I wanted to give you a comprehensive look at the case as well as giving you some pros and cons if you’re thinking about buying it.

I picked up the Think Tank Airport International V3 back in late summer last year when I was looking for something more substantially to travel internationally with. My biggest concern was having something I could travel with to keep my camera gear with me at all times when flying and travelling and the Airport International V3 was the perfect candidate for that.

If you’ve ever flown with camera gear you know how stressful to ensure you’re gear stays safe as well as arrives at your destination with you. I know too many photographers and videographers who’s gear hasn’t arrived on the same plane they flew with so the piece of mind I get from having my camera gear with me at all times is second to none. I can literally step off a plane anywhere in the world and loose all the rest of my luggage and still be able to do the job I need to do. You can always buy clothes. Gear is much harder to replace.

The beauty of the bag is that it will fit in international standard overhead compartments on an airplane. There’s a couple of times on very small domestic planes when this isn’t the case but for the vast majority of the time this baby fits in the over head above my seat. It’s super sturdy and really well made. Here’s some really nice touches I like.

The handle you use when pulling the Airport International V3 behind you if really well made. Some of the cheaper cases on the market have really flimsy hands and so everything feels insecure when you’re traveling with it

The external zippers are tough as your mum’s biscuits! I’m not a particularly strong person but I’ve snapped enough zips in my time to appreciate a decent set of zippers when I see them. The Airport International V3 also features a TSA suitable lock for the zippers which means you can secure the case from being opened if you need to while leaving Airport Authorities the ability to get into it if they need to.

Its just really solid! Like fully packed this thing is sturdy and secure and gives you the confidence to travel with it. With past cases I was always scared that they’d get battered around when travelling but I never feel like that with the Airport International V3.

Like a lot of modern day camera cases the inside can be made to fit your own stuff, with lots of interchangeable sections to it to help you set it up just as you want. One of the reasons I went for the Airport International V3 over other options is that with my kit in the case I also have space here at the top where I can put snacks and a hoody and stuff. Once I’ve dropped my other bags at check in I can survive easily just out of this case. I’ve even put pyjamas in this top section for overnight flights. Obviously if you’re working domestically with the Airport International V3 you can set your case up like this too and use it to stash a lightweight jacket and anything you need really

The only thing I don’t like about this case is the external handle housing on the inside of the case. I know it needs to be there but it doesn’t limit you a bit when setting the case up initially.

On the inside of the lid you’ve got a bunch of internal pockets which are great for holding stuff you might need like memory cards, ear plugs and the highly sort after World Triathlon White Arm sleeves.

On the outside of the lid the Airport International V3 has a really good external pocket.

This is perfect for my 13″ Macbook Air as well as my notepad when I’m traveling. It’ll also take a tablet. I also keep my rain covers in here for quick and easy access when I’m on location. The Airport International v3 also has a cool internal pocket in here which is perfect fill for a passport, wallet or most mobile phones so you can keep them more secure.

The Airport International V3 is one of my favourite pieces of kit I own as its just perfect for what I do and how I work. I picked mine up from Harrison Cameras based in Sheffield for £360 last year but since then the prices have really come down and you can get them online from Harrison’s for £259 currently which is an amazing deal tbh.

So there you have it. The Airport International V3 from Think Thank. A super piece of kit if you value your gear and travel more than 15 minutes from home for work.

Check out my video on YouTube for this awesome case!

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